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Soccer Fight


Soccer FightThis game is the best soccer fight table experiment. You have to focus on your team and to shoot the other team with one of your balls.
The Soccer Fight is very good time killer and it is also adictive game.
Maybe you searced for such cool game wich can make you forget about real soccer leagues and just play with a lot of attention and passion like alittle kid...
How To PlayThis game is all about aiming and shooting, with some strategy. Game play is consisted of 16 sets, divided into 4 levels. In each set the game gives player and phone a few balls. They have to shoot their balls towards their opponent to drop them off of game field. At the beginning of the game, each side starts with 8 balls in line 1. Players can select and drag on their balls to adjust the power and direction of the shoot. By releasing the touch, physics engine interferes and simulate the movement and collision between balls. The winner is the one who drops all its opponent’s balls off the game board. After beating 4 sets, you advance a level, and start with one less ball. After beating all 4 levels, you are the final winner of the game.
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